Google looks to steroids

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Jun 26, 2007
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According to Google’s Public Policy blog, its co-founder Larry Page believes the remaining wireless spectrum lying unused between TV channels in the US could be used to widen internet connectivity.
Google’s theory is that if it is to continue with its mission of “organising the world’s information, then the world needs to be able to access the internet to provide it.
The blog argues as the US has slipped from third to sixteenth in terms of world broadband penetration, apparently because the US has not shown the necessary leadership in encouraging greater broadband access.
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Google wants the unused wireless spectrum to be used to provide the internet to those Americans in rural areas. By utilising the unused spectrum, the internet could be provided with fewer base stations - the “WiFi on steroids” theory.
Google also wants the way the spectrum is allocated to be looked at - labelling the current method as inefficient. The search engine giant says to allocate it in real time - i.e. allowing devices and consumers to use the bandwidth when necessary - which would also provide additional Government revenue.
If Google’s plans do come to fruition, surely the day will come when everyone in the world will have at some point Googled their own name?