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Great Site

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First post after buying a 5620 a couple of weeks ago. I think I have gone through the usual beginners loop of initial excitement when it arrived followed by serious and frustration when it wouldn't do what it was supposed to and then, the major satisfaction of seeing that black screen come to life!

I spent ages trawling around this and other forums and the real turning point was finding BGonaSTICKs excellent guide to upgrading to Newcamd V5.25 for idiots (Thank you very much!). I used this as a guide for a fresh install of 5.28 in the latest Gemini image and it works a treat. Up untill then (not really knowing anything about Linux or FTP or even Telnet come to that) I had just tried to follow the instructions in the Newcam readme instructions which do not help an idiot one bit.

I am running a fixed dish on Hotbird at the moment and i think I will stick with it as it is until I can be bothered to fix the other LNB on for 19E. The next projects are recording to computer hard drive followed by Burning to DVD and if I can get my head round it (and find the relevant files) I am ging to try and make it work with my $ky card.

Couldnt have done it with out all the great info on here - many thanks.



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no problems mate :)
thats the whole idea, if you stick around then you can in turn one day help
another newbie, when your a pro....

its a bit of a cycle :)


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Welcome Phil
Welcome to the board!
Good to hear that you are up and running & also good to see that you have managed to insert Newcamd using Sticks guide (god knows he probably does not understand it himself now :D ).

In any case, if you ever get stuck with Gemini you could always use the direct download through the blue panel, it seems to work pretty easy (otherwise I would have had a black screen O-Ha )


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Ahhh, that makes me feel good - cheers! :-cheers

Nice to see someone still getting some use out of it.

Internet download is much easier, but if you know how it fits together internally, then you'll never have a black screen!