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Limassol, Sunny Cyprus
Rumour has it that the metropolitan police rang the Irish cousin of the now legendary Texas fire fighter Red Adair to help them to extinguish the flames at the oil storage fire in Hertfordshire. “Hello, is that Green Adair ….. ?” the chief of police said “ oh yess sorr, dat’s roight, tis me Green Adair at yer service …” said the voice at the end of the line.

“Mr Adair, the British government have asked me to call you to help us out with the oil storage fire in Hertfordshire …….. can you come and help us ?? “ the irishman thought for a second and replied “ oh, I don’t know sorr, we’re awfull busy at de moment ……… “ the police chief interrupted “ I have been authorised to pay you up to five million pounds Mr Adair ……..” “ me an’ de lads ‘ll be over in de mornin’ sorr …..”

The next day at first light, a military jumbo circled the raging fire and then proceeded to land a short distance away from the blaze, the cargo doors opened and a battered dark blue transit came hurtling down the ramp and sped right into the middle of the flaming inferno. As it came to a halt all of the doors opened and twenty irish navvies in donkey jackets and wellies jumped out and started to furiously stamp up and down on the flames in an effort to extinguish them.

After several hours the fire was extinguished and Green Adair and his team were heralded as heroes, as the crowd of onlookers applauded and cheered them a BBC interview team approached Green Adair, the reporter asked of him ……. “ Mr Adair, what a truly remarkable and heroic feat ! you must be looking forward to being paid your £5 million pounds by the british government ….. ?”

“Oh yess sorr, oh yes …..” says Green Adair “ ….. and what will you be spending the money on Mr Adair ?” says the interviewer …….. “ Well now for a start oim gonna get dose fockin’ brakes fixed on dat van …….. “