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Jan 1, 1999
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The partial NDS/Videoguard hack first implemented via hardware modifications to the Sky digibox has now been implemented as a firmware patch.

The principles behind the hack originated with the notorious "Não Acredite " group in South America, also attributed with the Nagra boxkey hack. It was modified initially for the Italian (Stream) market and subsequently for the British BSkyB boxes. It is based around the interception and bypass of certain ECMs normally processeed within the CA module, and had so far only been possible by resoldering part of the CA board. However, using information gleaned from a pre-production model of the POD (Videoguard CI CAM never actually brought to market) a way was found to do this interception completely within the firmware. Updating the firmware - which also incorporates a bootloader patch to block subsequent OTA updates - is done via the RS232 socket using hyperterminal. Software will be posted on all major boards starting 7/Sept.

It is thought that since the hack is entirely implemented within the firmware, it will be resistant to the new cards being planned by BSkyB. In any event, a card hack is rumoured to be imminent as well as a so-called stream-hack (direct low-level MPEG decryption, obviating the need for cards/keys etc.). Insiders estimate that within two to three months, the entire market will have been thrown into disarray with every DVB transmission laid bare for the taking. It remains to be seen what this would mean for the global broadcast industry, with many providers already facing bankruptcy. One analyst, speaking off the record, put it like this: "não acredite isto. É uma mentira completa".