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Sep 28, 2005
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Wish You all a very special day, have some fun.

Birth Date:15th JulyColour:pink , Light GreenNumber:6 , 33, 42Stone:Rose Quartz – Unconditional love stoneFlower:LarkspurPet:Adopt A TigerCareer:Agony Aunt , Relationship Councillor , Speech TherapistKey Features:Romantic, Sensual , DreamyNaturally good at:Sorting out your friends emotional problemsCharacter:Sweet and loving you care about everyone and give off good vibes. You can be a bit of a love junkie and read too many love stories. Life is not a romantic movie but somehow you make it so. Guard your heart and try not to say I love you after the first date.Life Path:You are here to give some sort of service to mankind, usually involving emotional well-being. Get some book on unconditional love and spiritual love to balance out your extreme infatuations. Do not let one bad experience colour your whole life.Love:Love is a compulsion for you, you feel like you need it like a drug. Chill out, back off and trust and things will get smoother, otherwise you set yourself up with unrealistic expectations. Try a Libran who is ruled by Venus your birth numbers ruler.Best Present:Soppy Movie , Chocolates