Hauppauge launches new satellite box



Hauppauge has launched a new "subscription free" satellite decoder aimed at the additional TV market.

The DEC 3000-s, retailing at £129.99, will allow viewers to watch over 100 free-to-air channels, including all of the BBC stations. The box - being touted as the smallest on the market - plugs into a Sky dish using the existing cabling.

"The UK market for digital broadcasts continues to evolve, with the BBC breaking away from Sky Digital to offer its channels for free over satellite," said Yehia Oweiss, Managing Director of Hauppauge Digital. "This market will continue to develop and Hauppauge are at the forefront of providing low-cost 'open' receivers that do not require subscription. With our TV and PC Freeview range we now have the widest choice of digital receivers for the UK market."

Additionally, a smart card slot ensures compatibility with European packages on other satellites. As with most Hauppauge products, the box also has a USB port and appropriate software for connection to a computer.

The DEC 3000-s will be available later this month.