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Faster than a maggot can turn into a crap-guzzling fly, OFCOM has let it be known that the BBC (which once rescued DTT by changing the way signals are transmitted) is to be allowed to change its transmission mode back to the one ITV still uses - as to squeeze more on the platform - and perhaps in HD.

Under the plans, further capacity will be released for the BBC to launch channels or experiment with high-definition broadcasts.

By boosting the power of the signal, it will enable the BBC to change its transmission mode and squeeze more space out of the existing spectrum. The extra capacity, equivalent to four to six television channels, could be used by the corporation to experiment with high-definition broadcasts, launch local television services or add interactive elements to its radio broadcasts. [source Guardian]
The BBC promised the govt. not to launch any more channels, remember?

Meanwhile, welcome to ITV1 in HD .....


Makes my blood curdle.

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