HD receiver setup- HD Football and HD Movies

My Satellite Setup
Just sky at the moment :(
My Location
Midlands UK
Hello first post

at the moment i have a Sky setup

but looking to add a good HD receiver which can take a CAM like Diablo becuase ive heard its possible to get reception on a german tv network

do you get HD footy with this?

also what dish would i need or would i be able to stick on another LND one pionting 28.2E for Sky and the other pionting towards this german network - 19.2E or something is it?

or just better have a seperate dish with a motor which i can hook up to the receiver and use to get lots of diff channels

can i have 2 dishes on my house - its not protected or anything

thanks for any advice

PS: i have an interest in the lyngbox i actually found out about it last year but still waiting like lots of others i suppose