hdtv hardware - worthwile investment?



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hi everybody

I am planning to make a sizable investment to my system and I wanted to hear what you think.

For over a year i have been watching my fav sat channels my patched soft interstar 8005d CI, old samsung plano CRT (56cm) and digital sound via my amp. I decided to go for a massive upgrade: to integrate all my digital needs into one PC, get better video quality and ability to record.

My PC: AMD64 3000+ (939), RAM: 2x512 DDR DIMM, Gigabyte GF6600 Turbo 128MB DVI, SilentPipe, Lite-on DVD-RW, Samsung 160GB SATA II. I am debating whether to choose windows media center 2005 or alternative like Meedio as an OS.

For HDTV I am planning to get a SS2 PCI hoping that Diseq concerns will evade me and use softcam files+emu to enhance my viewing capacity. Most importantly for TV I want to go for Samsung LE32T51B (HD-Ready). Res: 720p and use DVI to connect.

A few questions::confused
- will my video quality improve significantly on regular SAT channels now?
- will I be able to watch HD channels (i.e world soccer champ. in summer 06?)
- will I be able to see all emulated channels as I do now? For instance – are nagra key changes supported in softcam files for SS2 configuration?
- will I be able to record sat channels?
- is it worth it? All investmet is around 1.8k in eur?

Thanks for your advice!