Heidi Klum ad campaign proving too popular



Heidi Klum fans in Germany are being promised free posters of the supermodel in a bid to stop the theft and vandalism of advertisements.

Fashion chain H&M's new swimwear poster campaign starring the German supermodel has proved one of the most successful in German history.

But more than half of the posters have been stolen by fans and workers are having to be paid overtime to keep up with replacing them.

Fans are also damaging the hoardings to get at the posters hidden beneath plastic covers - causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

And some posters that have not been stolen also need to be replaced - as they have been damaged by feminists angry at what they see as sexist advertising.

Police in Cologne alone say they have 200 reports of smashed ad hoardings where glass or plastic has been removed to get at the posters of Klum, 29.

Hans-Peter Bischoff, 45, boss of the ad firm JC Decaux, said: "Every day more are broken open, and to try and stop the thefts we have promised to give away free posters.

"We put up 750 small posters that were all gone or vandalised within a few hours. It's madness."

Posters are already changing hands for up to £20 a time on the internet auction site Ebay.