Help a Poor Yank w/ embedded Nagravision



As I'm sure many of you are aware, in America, for the most part, we do not have the luxury of choice when it comes to DVB satellite equipment. Of providers that offer more than two or three channels, there is only one that adheres to the DVB standard. To receive programming from this provider, you have to buy your reciever from them, because they only offer receivers with embedded Conditional Access, so you have to buy the entire unit from the provider.

Or so it is thought... I am of the opinion that if one could obtain a DVB receiver with a Nagravision CAM, and could program the ird number and boxkey from this CAM into the corressponding smartcard, it would be possible to watch this programming with a more sophisticated reciever.

Since it's obvious that you guys are far more experienced at using interchangable CAMs, I'd like to get a little technical information from you, if I could.

A local electronics shop is selling used Visionetics Vistar2000 receivers with embedded Nagravision cardslots for a resonable price. If I obtained one of these receivers, would it be possible to retreive the ird number and boxkey from the embedded CAM?

On the official receivers, we do this by interfacing directly with the flash chip via a JTAG interface. However, this Visionetics receiver has an RS-232 serial port on the back. Would it be possible to retrieve the ird number and boxkeys that way?

Thanks for your help