Help ! Dreambox won’t boot if network cable is plugged in !

Hi !

I’ve a pretty strange problem when starting up my D7000...

A few days ago, after flashing a new image, I wanted to reboot the box. After some

initial steps (LCD display lighting up, hard disk
spinning, ‘Dreambox Multimedia” appearing on the LCD) the system seemed to freeze : no

display on the tv screen, no LCD logo from the image developer (like the spinning world on

Hydra’s). I tried with
several images (Hydra and Gemini mostly) : same problem.

Then, since the last step that my dreambox seemed to perform was network initialisation

(cover was removed and I could saw a green light next to the network plug starts to

shine), I thought of removing the network cable and it worked ! It could boot !

So now, for every reboot (even after just changing the skin), I have to remove the network

cable, let the box start completely and then insert the cable again. Thereafter, network

connectivity works otherwise without a glitch... I can do FTP, HTTP, download from the


This problem is quite new (I think it started with images based on 1.09 but
couldn’t swear). I tried with and without DHCP : same problem. Btw I'm not using images

on sticks.

Any idea ?

Help !

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Hi yves,

Hmmm! A strange one! Not one I've heard of before.
As you have a 7000 I would, as always, recommend that you put an un-modified image on flash and install multiboot images on a USB memory stick with FlashWizard. It's very convenient and saves lots of problems.

However with the present setup with the modified image in flash, did you do a 'flash erase' after installing the image?

73 & good luck.
Exactly, a strange one. In the begin I couldn't believe I found a workaround to my non-booting pronblem just by unplugging th network cable, but the is really the only way I found to have it boot !

Since I've a very stable configuration for the time being (well, I mean, once the box has started :-) so don't feel adventurous enough to change it all again to try your suggestion of booting from USB stick. Maybe in a few weeks time... And by the way, yes, I always do flash erase after installing new images.

On the other hand, is there any 'boot log' stored somewhere in the box so that I could more or less figure out where it gets stuck ?

Thanks for your help !

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I wonder would this have somthing to do with a firewall in your PC.If you have a firewall disable it and then see if the Dreambox will boot.