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help for astrovox 2600 fta

Hello friend,

Please go the followign link htt://maslam.com/receiver.htm
then select Lifetime for uprading ur FTA 2600. Now pl tell me which cable u r using to upgrading ur Reciver. I have also the same Receiver but I have some problem in my cable. Please mail me the complete configration of ur cable on my e-mail shahid*giki.edu.pk
Thank u


Regular Member
hello guys, as far as i know,2600 fta is now working, mr. shamid, the link you post was cannot donwload the software about lifetime, what the date of this one? 2004?..hereis the answer in ur inquiry..

pin 2 to pin 3 other end
pin 3 to pin 2 other end
pin 5 to pin 5 other end.

im not sure if it is male to female 9 pins,if it is female to female..try this one..

pin2 to pin 2 other end
pin 3 to pin 3 other end
pin 5 to pin 5 other end..
the rest of the pin is not assign..(no connection)

hope this one will help u..