help for echostar dsb-808 2ci

i have echostar model dsb-808 2ci version 300 pls need software to upgrade
the receiver to use free cam or key bin i also have irdeto cam pls help


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(See prof's earlier post as well at - two answers for the price of one)

I've got an 808 2ci viaccess, which I use with a matrix reloaded cam, without any problems, but I don't know about your cams.

If you want new firmware, you'll need to register and download at:

Or you can upgrade over the air (OTA), see:

Version 800 is the latest, the readme for it says the following, so it may help with your cam. As far as I am aware, there is no unofficial patched firmware:

*** EchoNAV 3.0.1 release ***
Embedded Teletext decoder implemented
Extended channel information
Group and Sort activated during Edit
Improved CAM behaviour
Improved network scanning and increased scanning speed
Improved Search mode (digital IF - limited band scanning)
List Access Control (limited channel access)
Lock indication added in the channel list
Multiple Audio and Video PID support added
New OSG languages added (Hungarian and Romanian )
Quick access to timer list and simplified timer settings
Rename and Delete option activated for SAT, Network and TP
Rename Satellite and Network names
USALS (Universal Satellites Automatic Location System) added