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Help For Humax 5400z Plss....

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I need help for my Humax 5400z. I went to Polsat channel and trying to update the key using ram editor but still not working, then I tried to turn it off at the back and turn it on. My receiver is not working now, when I tried to turn it on the message is H2.07 then rA , then three small dots and it start blinking, oh my God did I broke it, PLS PLS HELP!!!
My Satellite Setup
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Do not worry.

Propably you delete all your channel.
Try to download your hannels file( if you saved before) to your humax 5400 USING Formula V3 program

I tried this method before when I got 3 dots,, and it works.
I found this method at site: humaxdigital.com.

As below:

Q. There is only 3 dots blinking on front panel .the receiver doesn't work at all.
A. Try to download the latest software again.
You can get it at the "Support" section
If it failed, try to download a null channel data by using Formula V3

1. You will need to download the Formula V3 program
2. After downloading this program please unzip it and install on your PC.
3. Start up the program.
4. Click on the CONFIG menu and set for (your model).
5. Click on the NEW button and a blank channel list will appear.
6. Click on the DOWNLOAD DATA button.
7. Switch receiver on and download should begin.


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Your channel settings have become corrupted. You can also use xoak or humbox to load new channel list. use hot 5.1 for autoupdate on polsat


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the best site for latest humax toh files is www.uploadfly.com ur receiver is ok just put the software agin and the channel data is also not gone in my opinion just ur receiver is stucked put he software again and wait untile the download is complete and the receiver is turned off and on again other wise u will have the same problem again