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Help for TMB Editor

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TM9100 super
Motorised dish
Sony Bravia 32" LCD
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Warwickshire UK
If the guy who wrote the TMB editor reads this, please could we have a help or tutorial file in english, I am trying to figure out where the value to the left of the items in the ini files comes from because they dun't match the channel idents in a list I have. Thanks, Bob


ASBO Club Member - Persona non grata
About time someone asked for the helpfiles.
It would apear to me that that the tit files in all forms do not allow the user to update their own codes, is this right?

It is no good having a file to open programs if and when any changes occur you have to source the new files as a whole unit to upload to your system. This is the same as the providers and leaves the door open for Card Pirates to sell their wares without an expiry date thus conning Jo public out of money.

Come on Guys, give the "hobbyist" a clue to enable us to add updated keys to the cards!!!