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Help required from a Dish Expert !!!!! Can I get the signal of Turksat 42E in Dubai with a 8ft Dish in order to view Cine Digital Package. I have IRC5400, Patched, Multiprogrammer, Fun and Silver Pic2 cards. I can program them for Cine .

I have checked on Lyngsat and the sat. is not below the horizon from Dubai co-ordinates i.e. 54 - 26. But can anybody respond that how much dish size will make sure the signal is there. I have 6ft Dish and KU-LNB already and can try with 8ft dish as well. If i get the signal I will be able to get Cine Digital packaage from Turksat. Hoping someone has knowledge of this !! What type of LNB i should be using for this ? Regards,

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The cine package at your loaction is not normally possible on your 8 ft dish. The transponder footprints for 42 east on both the CWB and CEB beams are not intended to cover Dubai.

I believe the signal in your area would be in the order of 15 to 20 DB that results in one very large dish. some of the analogue signals with good recievers equipped with signal threshold steps would reduce the size of dish required- but this unfortnetly does not apply to the digital transponders that you wish to recieve.

The Link Below should help you further with your lnb choices etc

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