Help - Has the Wind screwed my Dish Position

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Hi All,

I need your help.

The recent high winds must have upset my dish because I have lost the ability to go to satellites based on their stored positions.

Everything looks OK on the roof, but I guess just a small movement can cause problems. I have been trying to resolve without climbing on the roof (scared of heights and crap at DIY).

Going through the Motor Setup menus on my Dreambox 7000s I am able to find individual satellites by moving the dish from East to West. I can then store the satelites in a set position. However when I then move on to find the next satellite, I can not get back to the stored position of the previous one. It is as if the motor does not know its position 0 or where 0% is.

Any ideas if this can be fixed at the Dreambox end or whether I need to call out an engineer to reposition the dish.

I would appreciate your help



PS I have DB7000s and a motorised dish. I am after Astra and Hotbird only


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You could try going into motor settings and sending the dish to zero, then seeing if you can recalculate the existing settings, resetting to factory defaults may also do the trick.

Your dish has probably moved to cause this, but it is obviously not quite so critical when you only use two satellites.