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Help!! How to upgrade Starsat X200Ci


Regular Member
guys need some help here can you tell me step by step or how to upgarde this starsat X200Ci coz i have the new pacth for this one and i want to update it..

i have already the software for downloader and the pacth..

i just want to know when i press the download button it seems nothing happen in the processing bar im waiting 15 min in that tym .. the connection is ok there communicating...

pls help..

this the clear info about my reciever
Starsat X200Ci /Starbox
H/W 1.10
S/W 2.04
Model E200

Instructions are included in "How_to_Use_eMUpgrade.zip" file at the http://www.satsw.com/ web site.

You need need a serial cable with the correct pin arrangement - details of that are also included in a file on the web site.

You have to start the download using eMUpgrade and then turn the reciever off then on again. The download will start when the reciever is turned back on.

It worked fine for my Starsat X200Ci

Good luck