HELP - lost my Freecam 2017



I have just received a freecam version 2.017 & without a card in the cam, the menu system of the receiver located the cam & correctly listed the options to change it to Irdeto, Seca, Viaccess & the rest.

I have a Manhattan 5500 CIM receiver which has the embedded SECA & that works fine. The receiver was listing both of these cams side by problems so far.

To do a quick check that the cam was working I changed it to SECA & inserted my card from the embedded slot into the freecam slot, but no channels were decrypted. I think I then changed the EMU to on or off..not sure which way & still no joy.

However along the way I have obviously done something I shouldn't have (but cannot think what) as it no longer lists it in the receiver as freecam 2017 but a DVB cam..the same as my embedded cam (SECA) however the card still does not work in the freecam slot but fine in the embedded one.

My first question is do I need a different version of SECA files to use in the freecam slot, & secondly (& more importantly) have I completely wrecked the freecam as I can no longer switch from different encryption methods, & how is this possible with the cam still in the receiver.

I have read posts on this board which read that you use a laptop to flash the card, but I don't have one of those.

Any help would be appreciated.

I haven't managed to get through to where I bought it yet but will let you know if they can provide the answers as to why it's lost it's "freecam" capabilities. £179 is a lot to spend :-ohmy(

Thanks in anticipation.



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Don't panic. You will not have damaged your CAM.

Remove the card.
Turn off the machine.
Remove and reinsert the FreeCAM.
Turn on.
It should show up as FreeCAM again.
Go to the goodies menu. Set EMU=OFF (ie Emulator off - meaning it will not use its internal Irdeto emulator but will instead direct control to an inserted card).

Yes, you do need special files on your goldcard for receiving anything other than Irdeto on an Irdeto CAM (the FreeCAM is a re-programmed Irdeto CAM). Program a goldwafer with secacodex files, for example.
Get them here:

There are other filesets that work too, but this is the simplest.



Thanks once again 2old for your reply..always someone I can rely on, as is the company where I bought the cam itself from. I did get a reply from them before I read your post which was to update the firmware to Irdeto (even though it's an embedded SECA cam), strange but true.

I've now got the DVB listed as ASTON & the Freecam 2.017 is back again, correctly titled with the relevant options.

The company I bought it from is Astratech satellites which have always been good for service & technical support, so a big thumbs up for them.

Thanks for the advice on the types of files to use. At the moment I have only got goldwafers & was just using as a quick check the files from the embedded cam straight into the freecam slot.

I'll let you know how I get on with the files you suggested.