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help needed for faust and yankse

peter in the bus

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Have got 1m dish pointed at 19E, using skystar2 usb and hp laptop with w xp pro, running MT2.76. No problem with all FTA and TPS, but cannot get any Nagra....
When i right click on MT (polsat), i go into plugins file and look at Faust. Readme file says to click on monitor and to select correct provider ID from list, and then to start analize. Problem is, there is no list to choose from....
I have downloaded XAMUH softcam.key and put this into the MDplugins folder. Yankse seems to be working ok, but i presume needs keys from Faust to be able to bring up the channel.
3 questions... do i open the softcam key before dropping it into the MD folder or do i leave it in its own folder?
when i look at faust, the active box is ticked but it is not highlighted. Does this mean Faust is not working at all?
Can i put the files into Yankse manually?
Thanks for any help or info..


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You are confusing faust and Yankse menues.
You first install yanske alone in the MDplugins folder,not faust, for the moment.
And also install the latest copy of softcam.key into the same MDplugin folder,double check it has the keys you need for the services,by opening in notepad.Nagra keys should look like N xxxx 00 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ,where X is provider,00 is key in use and kkk is actual key.
This setup have to be working as is,no need for faust,for the moment.Only set Yankse to active.Video should pop up.If not,then check the channel properties,look for all PId's are correct,including ecm and emm values.
One you have this setup working,then proceed to install Faust in the same MDplugins folder,note that all files goes as is,not into subfolders.
Once you isntalled Faust(I wouldn't use Faust,since is discontinued,use FENRIR instead),make it search for keys,if Faust still working for the provider you intend to use it for.