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Hello everyone,
just joined today and this site is full or excellent advice and topics. The main reason I'm posting is that I've recently got my hands on a dish and satellite modem for broadband. The satellite I'm using is the E-bird 33 Deg East satellite. I have opted to go for the installaion myself, this is where my problem lies. I can get a hold of a satellite finder and I have worked out the azimuth and elevation and LNB tilt from links on this site. Thing is how do I know I'm definatly on the correct satellite by using the sat finder. This is probably really easy but I aint got much of a clue. Many thanks,

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Hi Nige

I think the main problem is going to locate the signals among the other satellites, especially as there are only two transponders on this bird

a standard meter is going to lose the satellite among the rest of the noise up there.

Best thing to do in this instant is to put up the dish , aligned as best you think, and use the modem as a receiver. Once you input the right frequency and other parameters of the link, I assume the PC connection will be showing the bit error rate and download efficiency of the system on screen. If you take it very slow from then on with minor adjustments, you should be able to peak the dish to give best performance.

Good luck , tell us how you get on