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If anyone can help I will really appreciate it as i have spent all day trying to tune in my new Humax 5400z receiver. I have my dish set on Thor (I am as certain as I can be) and have the use of a Digisat Pro satellite finder - the signal reading is about 80.
I think I have my receiver set up ok for motorised setup (I am using a v-box and 18" jack). I have gone into the antenna alternative menu, selected Thor from the menu and then done an automatic search. This took anout 3hrs and when it finnished it said 'search completed ok' I pressed the ok button and was back where I started. It doesn't help that the manual is written badly and is quite confusing.
I don't know how to tell the receiver that it is looking at 1w. Channels are preprogrammed into the machine, but I am not sure if they are accurate or not. Is there any way of picking a channel that is on Thor directly? I have been trying to find a 'clear' channel that is listed in What Sat on Thor but to no avail.
If anyone has been through this process I would really apprecaite the help.



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Hi Pixey. I've been having box/motor problems today as well, slightly different in nature, but equally frustrating. The frequency to go for is Canal Digital KIOSK 1(Preview Channel) it is always running and always in the clear 11.372 V 24,500 7/8 , as is BBC World, not sure of the frequency.

I would guess from the sound of it you are not on Thor.


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Germany, Cologne, 60cm dish fixed mounted to thor 1West (pretty good signal level on clear days)

I have used "prepared" settings for finding the right position of thor:

look at (afair they have only the fta channels)

export the files at satcodx, and use W. Lizingers "Setedit Oak", which can import satcodx files.

as far as i remember, there are also some fta channels at 1 west

another hint:

look at german site, there may be some more tips for you


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Do you have access to an analogue receiver ?? If so then you could connect this receiver to the LNB when the dish is at 1deg and check to make sure you are on the right satellite.There is one Analogue channel left on 0.8deg (Thor 2) called TV4 Sweden.


I set my system up using Astra1 as a reference point as it is easy to find.The others then fell into place (or most of them :D )

As for free digital channels then you have Kiosk 1, BBC World,Gospel Channel and a few others.
You can search for channels here