Help on multiswitches please


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Can anyone help me out there on multi switches.
I live in a multi occupancy block and the only way for a dish is to make it available to all.
would like to know is it possible to use a quatro Lnb fed into a 4 in 8 out multiswitch for the use of sky tv. Would all 8 users have full access to all elements of sky without interfering with each other.
Also i heard that it is possible to bridge these switches but just cant get my head round this. is it possible to have two of these switches connected together so that 16 users could watch from the same dish.
can all multiswitches be connected together
finally is there any websites i can go to to get more info on how multiswitches work
Thanks in advance


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You can look HERE for more information on Multiswitches and their installation. You can get 16 outlet multiswitches, so no need to cascade in your case, this not a simple installation though, as you need to earth bond it and output levels are critical.

Click HERE for information on a range of switches.