help on sky radio stations please



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Hi Guys,
i would like to know as follows:
If I set up a 1.25 dish in central italy, which i am aware that will not be enough for astra 2d tv channels, however in terms of receiving the radio stations i.e. bbc's, lbc 97.3 etc. will i be able to get them even if, according to the Lyngsat link they are part of astra 2D??
In other words, if the sky radio stations are on astra 2d, does it work in the same way as the 2d tv channels namely that I will not get them unless I use a very big dish that allows me to get astra 2d??


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That is an interesting question although logically I feel you will not have any success. The problem is that all the signals transmitted are digital and as such because the signal is constructed of data containing two states only, this two state existence either on or off allows extremely weak signals to be reconstructed more easily by todays equipment it is still either there or it is not, there is no halfway house as there used to be with analogue and the associated sparklies. Thus if the tv signals cannot make it I see no reason why the radio signal should, but as always I am sure someone will let me know if I am wrongO-st


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lbc 97.3 is on Astra 2D, huge dish required in Rome.
BBC 1, 3 and 5 live are all on 2D also.
BBC 2 and 4 are available on a 1.25m dish, as are Classic FM, Virgin Radio, Capital, Planet Rock, XFM, Core, theJazz, Choice FM, Capital Gold and many more. Whether these are free to air or scrambled check out