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Help with motorised dish



I have a humax 5300 with a 1.2 meter dish but the dish has to be changed by my remote control (seperate from receiver), I can pick up 3 sats but have no manual for setting dish, the dish & motor are Omnisat (Irte), any one know how I use this remote,to get more sats Many Thanks Wessex

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Oh no

Not the Omnisat !

I found the remote used to adjust the TV volume when used at a customers house

And then fitting anything larger than a 60 cm dish the elevation motor would lock up completely when vertical (13V) was selected

01992-624777 is Irte UKs number. Steve Rabin was the man behind the importation of the Omnisat


Thanks Channelhopper,

Will give him a buzz, I see you are well knowledged can you tell me if there is anyway of me getting channel 5 on system, I used to get it on D2mac, Cheers