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Hi All

I live in the North West near Liverpool and would like to upgrade my Astra 19.2 east analogue system for a digital multifeed system.
My Sky mini dish would be unaffected by this. I am looking to run two receivers on one dish and would like to have the option to be able to receive as many satellites as possible with the main ones beeing : Astra 19.2, Astra 28.2/5, Hotbird and Eutelsat. A motorised system would be nice but I don't think that is possible if I want to run two receivers.
I was looking at a Wavefrontier T90 which can take up to 14 Satellites ( I think ) but I am unsure about signalstrength and bad weather reserves.
Could anybody make any recommendations on what dish / multifeed arrangement I should be looking at ? The dish size should be no bigger than 1 meter. All help is much appreciated.

Cheers Mike


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That Wavefrontier T90 seems way over the top. It can take up to 16 LNBs. In your case, if you wanted to run two receivers they would all have to be twin as well.
You can get 20 degree multibrackets that run up to 4 LNBs, it is possible to get Astra1,Astra2,Eutelsat W2 and Hotbird on one 90cm dish - see sat superstore.
Some of the LNBs need to be narrow though, and all of them twin for two receivers. For four lnbs you just need a 4 way diseqc switch (X2).