HELP with progdvb


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Stab usualsHH90 driving arcon multi 57cm dish with dual feed ,Skystar2 HDCI, Altdvb, My theatre,vplug, windows xp,
Arcon sweety 43cm for astra1 perched behind window
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Slough, Berkshire
I have been hapily watching D+ and Premiere for weeks using prog dvb and my theartre. My theatre because i could not get premiere sports 3 on the progdvb. any way last night i found an updated progdvb channel list wich included premiere sports 3, so happily watching premiere today on progdvb and after watching the Mighty reds man utd teach abromovitch a good lesson on premiere sports 2 i went to switch channels and my whole premiere network dissapeared and i have not been able to get it back despite loading new vplug keys and vplug 1.8.7.
what gets me is that its ok on my theatre. i still have premiere on my theatre. but prog dvb is now down to digi +.
Could the new channel list that i installed have anything to do with prog not showing premiere.
Any help much apreciated.