Help with programming cards




I am new to this web site and the whole itv on digital thing. I was wondering if any one could take a few mins to help me out with some questions.

I am looking around for a second hand digibox and want to get the cheapest method of getting all the channels, reading some articles on the forum i understand that the card and programmer(elvis) can be bought online at Is this programmer suitable for writing on digital cards with the appropriate software and if so what is the best prog to use? Also would i get the PPV channels?

I read on the ITV digital homepage that if you share an ariel, ie. in a block of flats then the issue of recieving on digital becomes more complex is this true?

lastly do itv scramble the signal once in a while and if so then is it just a case of re-programming the card with an update?

Anyone who can take time to help me get started with the basics it will be very much appreciated!




You can get digiboxes off of auction sites eBay etc. expect to pay around 120quid - current favourite box appears to be Nokia. Originally in the days of Ondigital the box came along with the subscription, now with ITV the box is on free rental while you have a subscription. When the subscription ends then you have to return the box or expect to be charged the retail-price (around 300quid). So boxes you see for auction may it fact still be ITV property, if you wanna cover yourself then get the serial number off of the vendor and then check with ITV whether it is legally saleable. Another alternative is to wait for the new 99quid FTA Pace box to hit the market and see what is involved in getting it running. Rumour is that although it will come with a CAM it won't have any software and that you will only get the CAM software for the life of the ITV subscription - much like the STB arrangement.

If you intend to program your own cards then get an Elvis - King of Programmers (real name MultiProgrammer). You can get 'em from a variety of sources. The manufacturer is Adteknik: - which just so happens points to a manual on how to use Elvis and the accompanying MP6 software that comes with it.

If you don't take a subscription with ITV then your won't get your own subscription keys. This means that in all likelyhood you will not be able to use the AU hex as most require that you use you own MK/PPUA subscription keys. You can get them off da net or via logging somehow.