Help with settings for motorised pls



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88cm Triax Dish

1.8m Channel Master soon to be installed
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The Sat Man is coming on Saturday morning to install my SG2100 which I purchased from Holland (thanks to a suggestion on this forum) :)

I have a Skystar 2 v2.3 and have been using a combination of Prog DVB and DVB Dream. Prog DVB is going to be a non starter for future due to the problems with some Thor Channels. So I am going to re-try My Theatre 2.76, as most people seem to recommend this on here. I did try this before, but thought DVBD/ProgDVB were easier on the eye, but am willing to give it another go.

So here are my questions:-

1)What are the best files to use in conjuction with MT 2.76 for DiSEqC controls, as I have seen several versions and am getting confused ? Do i just need to install DiSEqC 1.2 for SkyStar2 v1.8 ? Also what about DisEqc 1.2 plugin V0.85 for MT ?

2)If it is Skystar 2 v1.8 I need to install, I am confused at this bit "Set your correct Longitude,Latitude and H-H Motor Type".

3)Currently using the SS2 4.22 drivers, am I correct using these ?

Any other things that I might have missed would be appreciated. I'll probably have forgot about something I wanted to ask, so might add some more questions later.

Cheers for any help :)