Hidden Function Codes Of Arion Based Receivers



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Hidden Function Codes Of Arion Based Receivers

Hidden Function Codes

The list of codes to activate hidden functions in Arion based receivers.

For f/w with EMU function to activate it:
1. Go to menu. By pressing menu on your remote
2. Key in : 19370
3. Key in pin: 2486
Now in menu – games, you shall see emu-keys section, should you wish to alter the keys manually, you need to enter pin 0000.
If you forgot the pin you had entered, press 0786 to reset it and enter menu or blocked channels.

Other Codes to be entered when tuner is in stand by mode.
42114802500 – Full information about your tuner (h/w & f/w)
24680 – Uploading keys (irk) or channels list to the receiver.
74621 – Downloading channels list from the receiver.
74623 – Downloading full set of keys from the receiver.
74620 – Downloading f/w from the receiver (AUC_HEDIT).
14802 – Downloading boot from the receiver (AUC_HEDIT)
14809 – Downloading full f/w with boot from the receiver (AUC_HEDIT) – you get “universal” f/w this way.

Test codes:
To connect your PC to the receiver, you'll need null modem RS 232 9-pin cable:

How to receive the STB Data from the STB to PC.

NOTE: Receive indicates that transfers the existing data (STB Data) from the STB to your PC; whereas, Send indicates that transfers the added or modified data from PC to the ST:cool:.

1. Choose the "Receive" menu from Main Menu or Toolbar.
2. Turn on the main power of STB.
3. Press special key-code "74621" in the STB stanby mode.
4. The STB Data will be transferred automatically, with a window indicating the process status. (If you wish to abort receiving process click 'CANCEL' button.)
5. When finished the receiving process, click the 'OK' button and then an active window will appear your received data. Please save the data with specific name using "Save As" menu.

How to send the STB Data from PC to STB.

1. Choose the "Send" menu from Main Menu or Toolbar.
2. Turn on(reboot) the main power of STB.
3. The STB Data will be transferred automatically, with a window indicating the process status.
If you wish to abort sending process click 'CANCEL' button.

AF1018SE, AF2018SE, AF3018SE, AF4018SE AF5018CI s/w upgrade

Upgrade procedure

1. Power off receiver.
2. Connect PC and receiver using a serial cable.
Receiver should be power-off state.
3. Execute "ARIONER.EXE"
First, Select proper PORT. ex) COM1 or COM2
4. Click the "Open" button and select "ADA2030SE.auc".
Click the "Send program to IRD" button.
Then, typically "Last status" shows message of "Waiting connect request ack".
Now PC are ready to transfer.
5. Power on receiver
upgrade process will be automatically done in a few seconds.
You can see the progress with PC and/or receiver.

When receiver shows "Saving" message, you have to be very careful.
Never power off during this save time. It couldn't reboot and
you have to send back the receiver to us.
At the end of the process, small message window at PC will appear.
Please don't care about the message.
Click "OK" button to clear the message.
Receiver reboot automatically. Check front display of receiver.
If it shows "----" or any channel number "xxxx", then successful.

AF8018UCI s/w upgrade

1. Press “24680” in standby Mode
2. You can see “AIT” on the front panel
3. Open the file “***.U01” by using PSLoader
4. Then you can see POPUP menu to ask to open another file
5. Then, select the file “***.U02”
6. The selection order of files must follow up.
7. S/W upgrade will be done automatically.
8. After completion of upgrade, the receiver will be rebooting automatically.


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