High SR's on Technomate 1500CI+ Super

My Satellite Setup
Technomate 1500CI+ Super
Gibertini 1M Dish
Moteck SG-2100 Motor
My Location
North East Ireland
Hi all,

I used to use a Lidl Silvercrest SL 65 - which I have kept as a spare box - and had no trouble getting most of the channels on 53E like the World Music Channel and CTC+2 on 11044 V 44951 FEC 3/4 despite the manual saying the highest SR was 35000.

I'm trying to get it again on my Technomate 1500CI+ Super but I can not get a picture and only broken audio. It's like you get with a HD signal. The signal quality is good at about 72% and according to the manual I should have no problem with SR's up to 45000.

Just in case anything changed with that transponder, I switched back to the Lidl box but everything was as before and I received it perfectly.

It's not that those channels are very important but why can't I get them when the Technomate manual claims the receiver can handle SR's this high.

Has anyone else had an issue with the Technomate 1500CI+ Super and very high symbol rates or could there be another problem here?

All the best,