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Hi All, I have installed a 90cm dish on a pole in the garden and currently pointing to 19.2 & hotbird using a monoblock. I installed with using a cheap satfinder & just looking at where other dishes point towards.

The tricky thing now is that i want to point this dish to Hispasat with this crude method. any ideas how I can achieve this. I was thinking of getting a DiseqC motor, but dont want to spend the money since i am not sure if I have a clear sight from present possition of the dish

Any Ideas ?

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Not as easy as you think on a fixed setup.
I you think of arc of a circle/clock (astra19) is 5 too (hispasat is )15 past so the elivation of dish wont be correct.
So if you spin your dish (westwards) 19w (no sat) is what your
elivation is set at. so then you would also need to change elivation (probally) a mount for a motor dish travels along this arc
with Thor 1.5w being as near to the top of arc and sorts this out for you. all you can do is try (keep moving dish westwards) and see if you can pick up any sat signals
You have to visualise your dish as it is now
find due south and visualise same distance from south going west
as is east at the moment (thats 19w) and you will need about half the distance again to see hispasat, if your dish is obstructed by walls or trees your b*llaxed You`ll need further advise.