hispasat problem



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sattelite setup-
Dreambox 500s
Dreambox 7020s
2 X maximum 4 in disecq switches
1 triax78 dish on hotbird 13e
1 televes 60cm on hipasat 30w
1 minidish on astra 19.2e
cabling is all webro wf100 coaxial

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amd athlon dual core
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hi everyone, i wonder if anyone can help me on finding the hipasat 30w signal.
i have a dish picking up hotbird at the back of my house could anyone tell me more or else were i should install my dish to pick up hipasat on 30w. i havent got a sat finder. PLEASE HELP!!:-slaphead :-slaphead :-slaphead :-snipe


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If you haven't got a sat finder you do need help. :)


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Hi pringle22a,
you can still locate this satellite without a sat finder but it takes a bit of patience and luck.
The first thing to work out is the general location you will need to point your dish, to get 30W, this is reasonably easy using a protractor, if you haven't got one just download an image off the internet.
Your dish is currently pointing at 13E, so you need to move your dish 43 degrees West for this position.
If facing the dish this is to the left, to the right if you're behind the dish looking towards the satellite.
Another way is to work out the distance between where your dish is pointing, 13E, and a sky dish, 28.2E, so 30W is almost 3 times this distance.
Once you have your dish pointing in the general dircetion you can either rig up a portable TV, or have somebody monitoring your TV, and tune your receiver to a channel on 30W, which you can find on lyngsat, all you do then is gently manipulate the dish, left/right, and up/down until you get a picture, with luck you can have it done in minutes but it can take hours.
Please post back with the results.