History Dump of DM500C - Possibly FRAUDE?!?!?!?



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Hi all,

I've bought (online a DM500C to the official reseller of DreamMultimedia in my country.

When i start the box, this had the gemini image install, i first thought probably someone over the company installed for testing, but when i did a search in the channels and start watching the image was all scrambled and the sound was veryyyyyy slowwwwwwww.
Then i install new image over lan, same thing. ( image scrambled and sound slow)
Then i went to a friends house ( which as a DM500C too), and we installed a new imagem over null modem cable just like he did it to his DM, and the result was the same. After that we start looking to the holograms to see if the DM is original, when we noticed that the warranty seal was void, which means the box was opened.

I contacted the company where i bought the box, and they tell me that is impossible the box ships to clients with the original software, etc. And regarding the seal is impossible that they shipped the box with a broken seal.
After 15minutes of talking the guy told me to send the box, that we will make a dump and could see the historical of the box, and could see what happend.

Is this possible, or i am being victim of a fraude?

Please help me out.
Best Regards.