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ho to connect two recievers to one dish

hi all,
i have one dish with 3 lnb fixed to one receiver, i have another recieverin my home and i wonder if i connect the dish to all of the recievers without changing the lnb. some people told me to use multiswith and the others told that it wouldnt work, if any body know how pls help me


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I think that if you want all 3 LNBs to be available to both receivers then you are are looking at a quite complex problem.

You could use an A/B switch but would need 3 for each LNB and then remember to switch all 3 at the same time.

Alternatively if you are already using a Disecq switch to select the LNBs then you could put a single A/B switch to the receivers. I would assume that when you then choose a satellite, by changinging channel, the reciever would then send the required command to the Diseqc switch.

It all sounds like a lot of trouble!