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Hi, I'm new here and hoping someone can help.

My Sky digital suddenly cut out on Tuesday night while watching BBC news 24 interactive. The screen went blue, and said interactive is currently unavailable, press back up. Box and remote were not responding, so unplugged power supply. When reconnected, getting searching for listings, then 'no satellite signal is being received' with a 29 in top right corner.

Details are:
Box: pace 1.0.47
Signal strength and quality are completely blank (ie showing nothing)
Lock: not locked
Network ID: 0000
Transport stream: 0000

Have tried unplugging, leaving for several hours to cool. Tried tunring back on, but waiting before bringing out of stand by, tried checking all leads in the back.

Phoned sky, who talked me through resetting LMB settings in installer menu, turning off and restarting, which didn't work. They are now saying I need a £65 engineer call out.

Have also tried resetting transponder menu as suggested elsewhere. Dare not try forcing a software update, as no signal strength or quality are showing.

does anyone have any other suggestions, or do I just need to cough up the £65? Seems strange the way it suddenly went down...

thanks for any help


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Sounds like a dead duck to me, not really sure there is much else you can do I'm afraid.