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Horrible video quality NoK 9500+DVB Help



I have just bought a 9500 with DVB200 V 1826 installed.

The picture on any channel is awful, like a pop video when they go into negative effects with colour, or a jpeg that is too compressed.

LNB works fine on my analogue Receiver and it is a Universal ( cambridge )

9500 will scan astore channels etc. OK

Have carried out a reset by holding up down buttons and bringing out of standby as suggested by someone on another forum, but no different

Any ideas?


w hole

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Hello B7

How are you connected to to TV. [RF or Scart]

It could be that you are set up for RGB, which can look a bit odd if the TV isn't re-adjusted for it. [Not all can be]

Check the video output settings on the Receiver and see if is set to RGB, and if so try changing it.

Just a thought!!

Good luck

W Hole


I have the 9500 connected direct to TV via a fully wired scart connection which auto switches to the 9500 ouput when I switch on the receiver.

Have also tried a small colour portable with scart and the effect is similar.

Swapped the scart as well....Grrrrr ..... frustrating :(

Thanks for reply.