Hotmail on your Blackberry

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Jun 26, 2007
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Collaboration between Microsoft and Research in Motion (RIM) will see Windows Live services available on Blackberry phones.
The link-up means push email from Windows Live Hotmail will finally become a reality, having been so difficult to set up on normal mobiles, unlike its Gmail and Yahoo! Mail counterparts.
The Hotmail messages can be assigned their own inbox, thus allowing segregation between business and personal emails (though how many people struggle to separate the two is unknown).
Users will also be able to use Windows Live Messenger to allow real-time chatting; while it’s hard to see how many business users will choose to use this feature, it will help the device to become more ubiquitous throughout the user’s day.
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The deal will help RIM tap into Microsoft’s 430 million worldwide Windows Live users, and will help to bring interoperability across the platform.
This move follows RIM’s decision to broaden its client base from the business user, with applications such as mobile MySpace recently added to the Blackberry.
There’s no definite date when the service will be available, but it is hoped the applications will be available this summer.