How can I view RTE and TV3 here in the U.K.?

I was just wondering if there was a way that I could view RTE and TV3 on Sky Digital here in the U.K.?

I realise that you need to obtain a free-to-view card from an Irish address, but as I have no relatives in Ireland, I was just wondering if there were any ways around this?

Do people sell FTV cards specifically for these channels?

I'd appreciate any advice/help. I'm new to this board you see, having only just bought a Sky Digibox.



ROI dose not do a FTV service.
If you have family in the ROI they could subscribe to $ky for you send it to you then you insert it in your digibox.Then they could ring up to activate it. On the the other hand go to Google and type in "Irish Sky card" and its all there.
I'm in Belgium with a $ky card in my mothers name. I only got $ky for RTE and TV3 its a pity Ireland didn't have FTV service since the licence is so high!!!.