How do i UPDATE by USB to Serial on an Openbox_x800.



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Hi Guys

I was hoping that someone could spare a minute to let me know how do i UPDATE by USB to Serial on an Openbox_x800.

I have already downloaded version 4.70 from

and I already have the GASOLINE Programme connected TO the Openbox receiver.... but I cannot remember what the PROCEDURE is for UPLOADING this Version 4.70.wsw file INTO the receiver.

The system is tuned on 4 LNBs for Hispasat ( Which i have recently lost service from), as well as Eurobird, Eutelsat and Astra 28. I am hoping that this NEW version will bring back the best of Hispasat.

I know that this is probably very simple once I SEE IT, but I just cannot remember the sequence used to Switch on or off the receiver and what Digits to use to put the receiver into LEARNING Mode.

Many thanks for taking the time out to read this, and MANY MANY thanks if you have the time to respond. My private address is weddings"AT"