how do you update cams/cards


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My Satellite Setup
Arcelik AS-510D CI
Blue Zeta cam funcard 2. Cas 2 interface with add-on
My Location
I have an apartment abroard and the digibox is picking
up astra1 and hotbird. I have a galaxy prussian
funcard 2nd generation and a zeta cam, which
programmer would be suitable for this? I would prefer to be able
to update the cam/card without the need of the digi-box otherwise
this would mean bringing the box back to the uk each time I need
to update.

Is it the card that you update or the cam or both? Besides buying
a programmer do I need to download software from the internet?
I believe you need keys for the updates, where is the best place
to get these. Do you need different keys for different channels,
satellites and encyption? How often do the codes change and need

Sorry for the many questions, I am new to all this. I will
grateful for any replies.