How does enter pids work?



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How does this new Enter Pids function works?
This is how i do:
1. Enter Pids.
2. Test Values, after entering pids.
3. Save.

Do i need to Search for that service after saving Pids???

Here is my problem:
I am trying to get some Low symbol channels to work on Gemini 1.05 on my DM5620.
I tryed to enter pids manually and when i press "Test Values" everything works great.

When i save values and return to service list the the same channel that worked on "Test values" dosent work... "service could not be found".

this is the channel that i am trying to find.
Eutelsat W2 16 deg.
12633 V, SR = 4883, 1/2,
Pids: Video= 308. Audio= 256, all other values=1.

And yes this channel DIDN'T worked on previos versions of Gemini or any other image only Hydra Zeus. I thought this is a hardware problem but if the channel works while testing Pids then this should be a software problem.

Another thing with manualy pids:
after saving values i need to reboot DM to be able to se the service in the Service list.