how does splitters with power passing on all ports works?



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I have just added 4way splitter with power pass on 1 port , i am getting all vertical and horizontal signal from my cband dish on power passing port , but getting only vertical channels on 2,3 and 4 port ,this is ok with me as the users of the 2,3 and 4 port want to watch only vertical channels,

now my problem is that i have to keep power on the power passing stb for others stb's to get signal

so if i add a all port power passing splitter,will it solve my problem

i am wondering which stb will be controlling the polarity of my lnb as all will be passing power to lnb , can you shed some light on these ,can you tell me how does splitters with power passing on all ports works?

ps: i am using to recieve channels from intelsat 10 ,68.5 east. all stbs are meant to recieve the same channels from satellite


Tout Rond Bon Oeuf
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These Splitters are really for use with Multi-switch Systems, to split the LNB signal before connecting to multiple Multi-Switches.

• "Single Port" models pass polarization power on only one port so that only one multiswitch controls the LNB.

• "All-Port" models pass polarization power on all ports so more than one multiswitch (and connected receivers) can control the LNB.

If you are using it simply to split a signal direct to multiple Receivers, then conflicts will occur if you attempt to use more than one Box to control the LNB Polarity and Band Switching.