How to add a new Irdeto provider to MR



Hello all

I am trying to add a new provider to my MR cam.

I am from oz and the MR doesnt have the codes preloaded that I need to use.

You guys are very lucky up north with all the choice you have.

Have searched the forums with no luck but a wealth of info on other things, thanks to all.

I am trying to add a new provider in irdeto. I have tried putting the keys in to the blank provider, cam id 2 in version 1081 and also on 1080. 1011 doesnt seem to have 4 providers but only 3. I am unable to change the provider id via the remote. Have tried using all the software tools to update but still no joy.

I am one of the lucky ones, my laptop recognises the cam, so I update via the pcmcia slot.

I also have a original I2 card which the MR doesnt like to much. works fine in my Irdeto cam but in the Mr every update it pixelates gets upset then eventully stops working. Has enyone else had the same problems with other original provider cards?

Thanks in advance
Cheers Doc 1