How to lose banner on Sky News & Ch 4



I've posted this as a reply elsewhere on this forum, but just in case you missed it.............

Press the red button on either channel. When the interactive screen appears, press the red button again and you will get full-screen without banners. Of course, there will be a small logo in the top right corner, but it's better than the banner. At least you can see the picture. Remember that, as you are in interactive mode, you'll need to press Sky button to'll need to repeat the process if you return to the channel.
This will not work with ITV or Five since they do not have interactive - or at least not yet! ITV plans to start in a couple of weeks. There's no guarantee that the channels will still be there, but if they are, the workaround should be similar to the above.

Happy viewing.


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Thanks arraknid, useful tip :)