How to pach my freecam?



I have got an old freecam recently and I wnt to pach it using ird106.exe. I can install the irdeto module in my laptop(Win98) but when trying to pach I receive the message "RESET NOK". I don't know the version of the software the CAM already has. I don't even know the hardware version. It only says : "IRDETO - FREECAM". If someone can help me, please post some recomandations.


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You should be able to get the version number from the goodies menu on your satellite receiver.

So providing that there is nothing wrong with the cam and its of the patchable type, all you have to do is check that the laptop and operating system you are using are compatible with the flashing software and the port baud rates are OK.

With ird106, it should work, providing that you follow the instructions in the readme file to the letter and I must confess that the first time I did it I made a very simple error in typing the instructions.

You may find also that xaload works better for you and the mascetti software seems to be the best operationally.

See an earlier post in the cams and decoders section, there is a long thread with flashing information.

try a search for 2.018, xaload, ird106 or mascetti.