How To Put Keys

My Satellite Setup
@SAT CX5010
Hi everybody

I'd like to aske you if anybody can help me putting keys in a @SAT CX-5010 i have tried many places in the net but without results so i hope i can get informations here in this forum.

my questions are as follow:

1. can i get the scrambled channels mainly (hotbird) without using any card by putting codes/keys???

2. And if i can so how i put them?

Thanx in advance


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My Satellite Setup
Nextwave digital Magic mod 1.09 penta,
CryptAlpha digital cam FTA
Analog reciver Giberdini dish 1.10 Simple dish 0.80
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Canada $ Greece
Hi.I am looking for my recever too, how to put keys but untill now I could't find any solution.My experience says that in your reciver must be a secret code for example 'go to language settings and press 0000(four zeros)' so you will be able in a window which will apear,if you find it, to insert keys.If not you can still use your fun 6 in 1 card to open scramble channels.Anyway I will have a look if I can find any code for your reciver.