How to stream live video to a Mac



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- Ensure you have Safari and/or Mozilla Firefox and VLC (VideoLan) installed, latest versions, or else Google for them.
- Start Safari, call up your dreambox and get its webpage.
- Click on zap, select providers, then the provider you want and then the channel you want to stream.
- Wait till the channel name appears at the top of the window with the EPG info.
- Test by clicking on Control and then Screenshot to see that you get a clear still frame.
- You will notice a vpid and apid number under the channel name - underlined as active links. My version of Safari jumbles these and the vpid is hard to see. Look for the underline.
- Double click the vpid.
- Look in your download folder (set in Safari -> Preferences -> Set downloaded files to) and find the file video.pls
- This is a playlist file and it contains the info to connect to the streaming server. It probably has an iTunes icon which is no good.
- Select video-pls file, hold down apple key and type i
- In the section "Open with", change the application from iTunes to VLC. Also toggle to "Use this application to open all documents like this". Strictly you only need to do this and not change this single file to VLC. Close the info window. You never need to do this change again.
- Delete the video.pls file.
- Click on the vpid again.
- VLC will open and the VLC controller window will be shown for about 8 secs until the video window opens and then after a few seconds of black, the channel will appear.
- To change channels, close VLC and choose new channel in the browser.
- To listen to just audio (radio station) click on apid. iTunes will play the stream and you can change to another application by using Apple+i.
- After a while, delete the plethora of video.pls files (and audio.m3u) from download folder. They are small.

Or Start Firefox and get channel in same way.
Click on vpid and in the window that pops up, select VLC as default player
continue, and video will stream.

Havnt got IE working yet and I don't think I will bother. It needs the file helper filling out precisely and whereas Safari and Mozilla do this automatically, primitive Jurassic IE doesn't.

Known issues:
- If you download playlist files for other streamers (radio), this may not now work . . . . unless VLC plays the radio stream OK.
- Sometimes there is no audio. Close VLC and try again.
- I got perfect streaming with a cable link and also with wireless-g and also with a cable to wireless-b router linking to wireless-g bridge at dreambox. But using built in airport on my G4 titanium gave choppy and freezing result.