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How to watch adult channels in india, new delhi



Dear All,

I live in india, new delhi and i like to see adult channels, but i don't know how to watch the adult channels as i don't have anything like dish, cards, cams etc that are required to view adult channels.

Kindly please tell me from the very first step what all i have to purchase with all the details like dish size, cards, recievers, cams etc with the price if you can to view adult channels and the place in india, new delhi to purchase all the equipments to view adult channels.

Please reply me to my email address that is

email address removed

with all the details and if you don't mind can you give me your contact number so that i can talk about it as by talking thing will really clear up for me.

My Satellite Setup
IBM Laptop, Humax with 90 cm dish
My Location
Please read all the postings before making such requests. This has been replied umpteeeeeeeeeen times.